2019 MORAINE RED 柳泉酒莊梦莲干红葡萄酒​ 750ml​ (12瓶/箱​)

Tasting Notes 品酒记录 色泽呈明亮的紫红色,选用柳泉酒莊橡树岭保护区自种的葡萄酿制而成,酒体中等,开瓶即可嗅到新鲜活泼的红色水果香气,草莓、覆盆子、红樱桃、李子果香跃然而出,果酸明亮,单宁柔软,回味香甜可口并伴有微妙的矿物清香,非常适合配搭有番茄调味的美食和味道浓郁的肉类菜肴。 风格特点 果酸适中、酒体中等、口感圆润、红色浆果香气诱人 饮用温度: 16-18°C 建议配食: 可与味道浓郁的红肉类食品一起享用,或搭配用番茄烹饪的各类美味佳肴 技术参数 级别: VQA 酒精度: 12.9 % 含糖量: 3.8 g/L 2019 Moraine Red
Volume: 750 ml Variety: 37.5% Baco Noir, 26.5% Marquette, 24.7% Maréchal Foch, 11.3% Vidal Alcohol by Volume: 12.9% Residual Sugar: 3.8 g/L TASTING NOTES The Moraine Red, which is named after the Oak Ridges Moraine, is an Ontario blend of Baco Noir, Marquette, Maréchal Foch and Vidal, this unique red wine comes entirely our winery’s our vineyards. Maréchal Foch has richness and weight whereas Baco Noir offers acidity and fragrant black and red berry fruit characteristic. This red wine is medium ruby in colour, medium-bodied with medium acidity, soft and gentle tannins with baked red and juicy black fruit flavors. Enjoy this red wine with pasta with tomato sauce or red meat on the grill.