2019 MERITAGE 柳泉酒莊解百纳混酿干红葡萄酒 750ml (12瓶/箱)

Tasting Notes 品酒记录 酿酒师Mario Testa通过意大利传统酿制工艺,采用柳泉酒莊创办之初的赤霞珠和美乐经典混酿配方,令这款红葡萄酒色泽呈深红宝石颜色,深色水果果香丰富,酒体适中容易入口,单宁平衡,口感顺滑,伴有黑莓、成熟的李子和橡木香气,余韵悠长,陈年潜力极佳。 TASTING NOTES Meritage is the first wine to ever be produced by Willow Springs Winery. The 2019 vintage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This full-bodied red wine shows fragrant aromas black cherries, plum and wild blueberries with subtle spicy notes and toasted oak. Best served at room temperature and this wine pairs perfectly with steak, brisket or to be enjoyed with family and friends.