2016 PINOT NOIR 750ml

TASTING NOTES With a pale garnet and transparent appearance, our 2016 Pinot Noir is one of our lightest red wines. Displaying aromas of light cherry and smoke, you won’t think twice about tasting this wine. Flavours of raspberry, strawberry and a subtle earthiness all complement each other beautifully. Light bodied with soft tannins makes this wine approachable for new wine drinkers. Try pairing with mushroom risotto, smoked duck or turkey.
WINEMAKER’S NOTES Pinot Noir is an extremely gentle grape with thin skins, giving our final product a light body and a slight tannin structure. By aging this wine in oak, you get your subtle spice and smokiness. The cherry and earthiness arise from the grape itself. Although with age, the earthiness mends into flavours of cocoa and mocha. Pair with mushroom based sauces and dishes to complement the classic earthiness of Pinot Noir.